Protect your plants from the Frost.

Frozen Red Berries on tree in winter

photograph by Oliver Harbour

Frost and Snow can cause greater damage to plants at this time of year.

Your garden plants are just beginning to bud up, and some of the more tender varieties are very susceptible to frost. I highly recommend having some Horticultural Fleece handy to drape over tender plants at night. The frosts won’t truly finish until May!

Protecting your plants throughout the spring is paramount. Young shoots are easily damaged, setting the plant back and they look unsightly.

Gently brush off any snow to avoid damage, tie up drooping plants like Cyclamen (they will recover, but not on their own) and cover with fleece if a frost is due.

Horticultural Fleece is available from garden centres and online stores, it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as thicknesses. Even the most basic of all will act like a blanket and raise the temperature around the plant by a few degrees, this is often enough to make a difference.

I like the fleece bag type for my containers as they are thicker and have a drawstring which helps secure the fleece and stop it blowing away. They stayed secure through Storm Georgina even if the fence didn’t!

Never cover a plant with plastic or bubble wrap, this will greatly increase the frosts effect, save the bubble wrap to protect your terracotta pots instead.

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